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We reviewed our approach to involving our tenants to make sure we keep
your priorities at the heart of everything we do to create our new Strategy
‘Together at Taff ’.
This strategy has been shaped through consultation, feedback and
suggestions from our tenants. It sets the scene for the
important role our tenants should have in Taff. We know that listening to
what our tenants say and acting on it is the key to meeting our tenants
needs and aspirations.
Over the next 3 years we will be talking to residents and working together
to bring the strategy to life. This means you’ll really notice the difference in
the way we do things and how, together, we can enhance our services and
the communities you live in.

You can read our the strategy here – Together at Taff

Consultation Groups

Reflections Panel
This is a crucial group for Taff as members make sure that we comply with regulation requirements by scrutinising our services. Tenants on the panel meet regularly to report their findings to our Board.

Have Your Say
Members look at policy and plans, acting as our tenant voice. The group make suggestions for service improvement which are taken to our Board for discussion.

BME Group
Meeting monthly, this group is a consultative body for three housing associations. Their aim is to help break down barriers for Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.


Special Interest Groups

We also run a range of special interest groups ranging from gardening at the Taff allotment to sharing experiences of disability. Get in touch to find out more.