Repairs Feedback : What you need to know

  • After a repair you’ll receive an automated phone call from 02921684375.
  • You will receive this call within 1-2 days of the repair being complete and between the hours of 9-8pm
  • It will take you 2 minutes to complete and you’ll be asked to rate how satisfied you were with the repairs service.
  • You may recognise the voice of the call as our Chief Executive Helen White

We’d also love to find out a bit more about your experience

You’ll have the option to record a message to give us more details and any feedback about Taff.

Repairs Feedback FAQs

If we are unable to reach you in the first call, please do not worry. There will be a second attempt to call you after 2 hours.

We kindly ask that you do not use the message to report another repair or any other issues. Please report these by phoning 0800 121 6064, using our online contact form or Live Chat