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How to enjoy Halloween safely: Top tips from Taff’s Assets and Safety team
🔌 Non-Interchangeable
Don’t use electrical products marked “for indoor use” outdoors. You could just get a nasty shock!
🌼High and Dry
Decorations like dried flowers, fake spider webs, hay and crêpe paper are highly flammable. Keep them away from open flames and heat sources, including light bulbs.
🔥Free and Clear
Keep exits, fire escape routes and entry ways clear. If you do not know your fire route, or think it could be difficult for you to evacuate in case of a fire – please get in touch!
⚡Connection Inspection
Inspect each decoration before use and discard any with cracked, frayed, or bare wires.
💡Power Off
Always turn off electrical decorations and extinguish any open flames before leaving your home and before going to bed. If you’re up late, that’s okay, but be mindful of light from your decorations and turn them off at a reasonable hour.
🔦Guiding Lights
Use a torch or battery operated candles. Try not to use flashing lights as this can be distressing for other residents
Costumes can catch on fire! Avoid costumes with long, billowing trailing fabric. Also, try choosing costumes made of fire-resistant materials and look for a CE logo. Information on Halloween costumes and fancy dress – RoSPA 
📞Let us know
If you see anything that you think may be a danger to yourself, or other residents in Taff homes please let us know by contacting our customer team.