Taff has been working with Vivus Solutions completing works on the Decarbonisation render project in Ethel Street, Canton, to help alleviate damp and improve thermal performance in Taff properties.

Aims of the project

The demonstration works were carried out on four houses 2 & 4 then 8 &10 Ethel Street with funding from Taff and ORP. With the aims of the project being:

  • To introduce a new standard in housing envelope – wall performance, helping RSLs to comply with WHQS(2), Futuregenerations and achieve Societal requirements of hygrothermal efficiency, affordable warmth and decarbonisation through an effective fabric first approach.
  • To successfully control humidity and therefore reduce instances of mould, whilst achieving a minimum 0.7 WmK U insulation value.
  •  To demonstrate the use of the new insulating version of the tried and tested Vivus Solutions render coat and utilise these materials as a system, in order to lower interstitial humidity where present and insulate the properties, enabling landlords and tenants to maintain those balanced levels for the life of the building with minimal future maintenance and therefore lower the impact of the buildings on the environment and increase tenant comfort.

Read the full report here

Initial tenant feedback and comments on the results has been positive. With further tenants requesting that their homes are also included in the future works planning.
"I've been living here for years and years, and I always had my central heating on at 30 degrees to keep it comfortable. I probably like my house warmer than others, but now I've got it set at 18 degrees. The central heat is on only half the time now, but it's already more comfortable. And the front room is no longer raw cold when I come down in the morning.” - Odette, Ethel Street project tenant (One month after Vivus exterior render)

Tenant Outcomes

  • Tenants are giving a very positive response stating their homes are warmer and drier
    and more comfortable to live in. With more tenants wishing to be included in the process.
  • The apparent reduction in energy required to heat the house is currently being reported at around 50% of the energy required prior to treatment.
  • Tenants are already reporting a reduction in mould formation on furnishings against the external walls
  • Anecdotal evidence is suggesting that tenants’ perception of the project has been that their quality of life is important to Taff and that their housing needs are being prioritised.