Get Involved in Taff’s Community Academy!

Are you from a diverse local community? Are you looking to gain work experience or skills in housing? If you are in education, training, unemployed or working, we’d love to hear from you.

We can offer tailored placements in property services, housing, customers services, human resources, administration and much more.  The placements can be offered at all levels, be of any length and are tailored to the individual.

You’ll get on-going support and access to training and accredited courses.

If this interests you, please get in touch on 0800 121 6064 or via our LiveChat

What is it?

A programme that offers volunteering and paid placements in the business, targeted at people from under-represented and diverse local communities.

Who runs it?

Our Deeds Not Words Anti Racism group is also the steering group for the project. Members of the group and our Leadership Team and also mentors for the participants too. We’d love others to get involved too!

What does it involve?

The Community Academy is an umbrella term for all our initiatives around positive action to increase diversity at Taff. In practice it includes offering placement and volunteering opportunities to people from local communities, as well as shadowing opportunities and paid roles for those already at Taff.  For example, we will shortly be advertising a Management Trainee Role in our Property Team, as part of this initiative for colleagues already in the business.

Is it the same as the Get into Housing Project?

No, but it complements this project with similar aims. The Community Academy is focused on what we can do with our local communities. For those placements coming through the Get into Housing Project, they will be part of our community academy and will be offered the same support and guidance. But there will be other placements and roles that are not part of the Get into Housing Project.

What do participants get?

Apart from the opportunity itself, they will receive support on a one to one basis from a mentor who will meet with them regularly to discuss their progress. We will also agree a development plan and ensure they gain access to training and accreditations to support them with their ambitions.