Our supported housing projects provide good quality and safe settings for people who are homeless to get back on track and prepare for independent living.
The projects also provide many opportunities for residents to get involved in learning and life skills sessions; building confidence and skills which provide them with a springboard to move on successfully.
Our support housing settings are based across South Wales

Ty Catwg

Based in Barry, in the Vale of Glamorgan, the new project will offer a place of hope where individuals aged 18+ can find the inspiration and encouragement they need to move forward from the homeless system.

Ty Catwg will be made up of 10 self-contained flats where residents will be living in a psychologically informed environment and supported to access resources and opportunities to help them make positive changes in their lives.

Our team, will work on this project and closely alongside each resident to deliver a strengths-based support plan which focuses on practical and wellbeing elements to ensure that each resident has the best opportunity to live independently and thrive in their community.

Ty Enfys

Our young women leave Ty Enfys carrying the future generation in their arms.

Home to 21 young mothers and babies we offer our residents comfort and support as they provide reassurance to one another in their new chapter as a parent.

Weekly house meetings are held where we begin by discussing the children’s developments, encouraging our young mothers to share their experiences. Our communal spaces are open to consultation from our residents as they decide how to decorate their home.

Ty Enfys is a place where our next generation can begin to make memories – from learning to swim at the local pool, visiting a farm or strolling through the park and coming home to make scrapbooks.

Our tenancy training workbook provides bespoke, creative ideas and activities to prepare our residents for life after Ty Enfys.

We want our future generation to have the best start in life. By focusing on creating relationships with our residents we help them to build stronger tenancies which create stronger families.

Red Sea House

We welcome a safe platform for people of all faiths, ethnicities and ages.

Surrounded by multi-faith and multi-cultural community hubs, Red Sea House is the heartbeat of the community in Butetown.
Providing an antidote to loneliness and isolation through our hub of community activity, we help to create friendships, job opportunities and a sense of belonging.

Initially providing accommodation for ex-Somali sailors, we now provide a home for all members of the BAME community.

We communicate with our residents in their primary language and offer a central point of contact for the BAME community.

Red Sea House is made up of 15 self-contained flats with considered design to meet the needs of our older residents and those with cultural needs.

Ty Seren

We help young people to re-write their life script where their past does not dictate their future.

At Ty Seren we work with young women to become more independent by focussing on creating a relationship before we expect change and helping them to positively move on from the homeless system.

Colleagues engage in therapeutic training, embedded reflective practice, clinical supervision and mindfulness workshops.

By actively involving family members, friends or peers that our young people engage with we are able to work together and offer the best possible support. Our resident’s co-design their support sessions to make them feel comfortable and they’re consulted on any changes to their home.

Made up of 29 single women aged between 16 and 25 who live in a combination of self-contained bedsits and rooms with shared facilities, Ty Seren provides a sense of community and belonging.

We have an agreement for living and we ask that residents be kind to themselves, be kind to one another and to respect their home and everyone in it.

Ty Haul is our move on accommodation from Ty Seren. Residents are supported by an allocated support officer, providing a step closer to independent living.

If you need to get in contact, please call 07904961691.


The Foyer 

At the Foyer we encourage young people to learn through experience. By working together to develop the skills needed to access education, training and employment opportunities, we also coach people to manage their own tenancy.

We focus on building relationships with people and understand the different ways in which they learn. We identify people’s goals – from managing relationships to a tenancy – and once they’ve moved into their home, we’ll spend the next year continuing to support them.

Our temporary accommodation consists of both studio and one bedroom flats which are situated in the Splott and Adamsdown areas of Cardiff.

Once our young people have moved from the Foyer into their new home, we’ll spend the next year continuing to support them.