Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at 4:00pm on Thursday 20th July 2023 at the conference suite, rear of Alexandra House, 307-315 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff CF5 1JD

If you would like to attend the meeting, you can download the relevant documents which will be made available by the 28th June 2023

Our Annual Report and Financial Statements will be published shortly (made available 3 weeks prior to the meeting) These will be found on the Corporate Documents page and linked  at the bottom of this item

Board Members standing for election are required to go through a recruitment process; this year’s candidates that have been through the election process and are up for election will be detailed below.

Only Shareholders are allowed to vote at the AGM but all are welcome to attend – relevant information will be posted to all Shareholders.  If you would like to become a Shareholder please complete and return the Shareholder Application Form.  

To confirm your attendance, or provide apologies, please click here to RSVP. 

We look forward to seeing you at our AGM. 


Click here to access our Annual Report

Click here to access our Financial Statements


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Taff Housing Association will be held on  Thursday 20th July 2023 at 4.00pm

Only Shareholders may vote, but all are welcome to attend 



23.01 Chair’s Welcome 

23.02 Apologies/Proxies Received 

23.03 Minutes of AGM 2022 

23.04 Audited Accounts 31.03.23

23.05 Annual Report of the Board For Information 

23.06 Appointment of Auditors

23.07 Election of Board Members

End of Formal Meeting 

Board Membership Information 2023

  Ordinary Member  Skills 
1 Ali Abdi  Community   Empowerment,   Advocacy, Social   2. Justice
2 Andrew Knight  HR
3 Peter Curan  Finance and   Audit
4 Geraint Jones  Digital   Transformation
5 Jason Smith  Social Care &   Support, PIE,   Aces & Trauma
6 Susan Hamilton  Policy, Health &   Social
7 Yvonne Connolly  Homelessness,   Partnership &   Collaboration
  Ordinary Member  Skills 
8 Chris John  Audit, Risk,   Governance
9  Darrin   Davies  Development
10  Graeme   Tipple  Finance


Current  Standing for election as Ordinary Membership
11  Andrew Bateson   Asset       Management
12  Tarig Sanousi  Tenant, Equality   & Diversity, Legal


Ordinary Members  Standing for election as Co-option 
13 Tracey Carter  HR, Transformation,   Leadership


AGM Minutes 2022
minutes from the last AGM
Shareholder Application Form
Please return to agm@taffhousing.co.uk