We provide houses that people turn into homes .

Tenant Handbook


We offer two types of tenancy

  • Assured Short-hold (Starter) Tenancy
  • Assured Tenancy

Assured short-hold (starter) tenancy

These usually last 12 months and are like a ‘trial’ period.

Assured tenancy

As an Assured Tenant you have security of tenure and cannot lose your home unless Taff obtains a Possession Order against you in the County Court.

Joint tenancy

More than one person can sign up to a tenancy. This means both parties have equal rights to the home.

If you are married or living with a partner and your relationship breaks down, you may need advice on your tenancy and other personal and legal matters.

The Estate Assistants service

Duties include:

  • Regular health and safety and fire safety checks
  • Cleaning and litter picking all communal areas
  • Monitoring the service provided by the landscape maintenance contractors and window cleaning contractors
  • Reporting abandoned vehicles or dumped items
  • Assisting you to report issues to Taff

Refuse collection and recycling

Rubbish or dumped items left in a garden, pavement or communal area for days is unsightly and can attract vermin which is a health and safety hazard.

If we come across this issue we may have to remove the items and charge you.

You must not store any rubbish, belongings, items of furniture or household waste in any communal hallways, stairs or landings as this blocks other tenants’ right of way, as well as causing a health and fire hazard.

Please contact the council for bulky item collection.


Tenants always take priority over visitors for parking spaces. Where parking permits have been issued these must be visible on your windscreen.

If you live in a flat we cannot always provide a parking space for every flat and therefore parking is on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Do not park your vehicle:

  • Where it will block access for any emergency vehicles
  • On your garden, on footpaths, pavements or grass verges
  • In spaces marked for the use of disabled residents, unless you have a valid disability badge
  • Do not park large commercial lorries, buses or vans in residential areas even if they are used for your job.
  • Caravans are only allowed for very occasional overnight parking.


Abandoned, untaxed or broken down vehicles

If your vehicle is in a very poor state of repair or is not taxed you must not leave it in a communal car park and you will need to remove it. If you do not we will remove it and charge you.


Keeping your garden tidy is important for the overall appearance of your home and your neighbourhood.

The minimum standard is that you cut the grass regularly and that there is no rubbish lying around. You are also responsible for disposing of any grass or garden clippings.


If you live in a flat and you want to keep a pet please let us know.

Door entry systems

Door entry systems mean that access is restricted to residents and their guests. This should increase security for the block and greater privacy for you and other residents.

For the system to work it is important that you shut the main door when you enter or leave and that you do not let anyone in who you don’t know.

Communal doors should under no circumstances be left open as they are fire doors and will help protect you should a fire break out in the building.


Some schemes will have CCTV as a deterrent to antisocial behaviour.

Where the Police request footage in the investigation of criminal activity we will share this information with them. We will not be able to release images to tenants but we will look into any reports that you make.


The bin store will be emptied by Cardiff Council’s refuse collection service on an allocated day of the week.

Please ensure that you put the correct waste in the correct bins.

Continual dumping of rubbish or incorrect use of bins may result in an increase in service charges.

Drying areas

Most blocks of flats have shared washing lines/drying areas. Taff will maintain it/report faults.

Communal areas, gardens and facilities

These areas are for your enjoyment so always be mindful and respect your neighbours.

If there are any communal gardens or landscaped areas where you live, we will look after these. We will also keep any communal areas in a clean and tidy condition.

For this service you will pay a service charge. You will have received a separate piece of paper explaining what this means.

Window cleaning

In some schemes we employ a window cleaner to clean the outside of the communal windows on a regular basis.


The lifts are covered by a 24-hour breakdown service. If the lift is not working, please inform your Estates Assistant or contact us.