Tenant Satisfaction

As part of the current 5 year social housing rent policy, we have agreed to undertake a standardised tenant satisfaction survey which will be published to assist tenants in scrutinising and comparing landlord performance.

Please note, this is not a complete dataset as questions were not standardised and survey methodologies differed. Additionally, it is important to note the timeframe when surveys were undertaken varies. The survey findings should therefore be used with caution and any conclusions drawn should be triangulated as appropriate. In April 2022 we will publish the results of a standard set of core satisfaction questions, surveys will be not more than 2 years old and survey methodologies will ensure a consistent confidence rate is achieved. Surveys will then be published annually.

The existing data allows comparison of tenant’s satisfaction across the following areas;

  • service provided by the landlord
  • quality of their home
  • repairs and maintenance
  • the neighbourhood
  • value for money
  • how well the landlord listens to them

The additional questions from April 2022 will allow tenants to compare:

  • health and safety of the home
  • anti-social behaviour
  • the tenants ability to get involved with decision making
  • trust and respect

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