We understand that the rising costs in energy, food and other essentials means that managing finances can be tricky and often benefits systems can be difficult to navigate.

So we are here to help simplify them and this page provides a variety of resources and information to help your during these challenging times.

Money Advice Service

We have an in-house Money Advice Service and an experienced Income Team who are here to support you through any financial concerns including: 

  • Rent arrears 
  • Debts 
  • Benefits 
  • Identifying any additional funding needs from other sources 

By getting in touch with us, we can help to relieve financial stress and anxiety by working with you to make a realistic plan and getting you back on track with your money. We understand that talking about money can be a bit awkward, our team are non-judgemental and are here to help. 

If you’re out of work or just want a new career path,  our Community Inclusion Team can work with you to help maximise your income by finding the right training, support and access to your career goals.