What do I do if….?

As Wales prepares for another storm we know you may be thinking about who to contact and what to do in your home. We hope these frequently asked questions help. 👇

What do I do if I lose power?

Please contact Western Power. Their contact details are available on this webpage and in a number of languages: https://www.westernpower.co.uk/power-cut-information

What do I do if I experience flooding, or have other safety concerns about my home?

Please contact us immediately by calling 0800 121 6064. Please remember our website and social channels are not monitored outside of office hours.

I think I might struggle to evacuate my home quickly in the event of a fire or other emergency. What do I do?

If you have mobility issues, hearing or sight impairment or have drug or alcohol dependency and think you may struggle to get out in the event of an emergency, please contact us immediately on 0800 121 6064. Taff will be able to put measures in place to help protect you or your family.

Where can I find the latest weather warnings?

Natural Resources Wales – https://naturalresources.wales/?lang=en

I have a question, but it’s not answered above. Who can I ask?

Not a problem… If it’s an emergency please contact us using our freephone number above.
If it’s not an emergency please contact us using live chat by clicking on the orange bubble in the bottom right of your screen.