Taff understands that this is really difficult time for our tenants and that the rising Cost of Living may mean that you are struggling.
Here is a update from our Director of People & Places Josh about these increases and what we can do help.

Rent Increase & Cost of Living Support

January 2023

Josh is responsible for the quality of services that you receive as a Taff Housing Tenant and has been at Taff for just over 13 years- Many of you may already know him. But for those who don’t …. meet Josh!

Rent Increase and Letters

Over the next few days, Rent Increase letters will be arriving to your homes. Taff understands that these are difficult times and that the current Cost-Of-Living Crisis may mean you a struggling.

  • Following the Rent Increase Statement from the Welsh Government for April 2023. Taff has agreed to raise rents by around 6.5%.
  • Whilst higher than recent years. This represents a below inflation increase to rents

This was a really difficult decision for Taff to make. We used the feedback from our Cost of Living Survey to our tenants around the difficulties that they’re facing and also their desire to protect the level of service that we offer.

Cost- Of-Living Survey

Taff carried out a cost-of-living survey to gain insight into

  • From this survey, we know that many people in our homes were struggling to make ends meet.
  • Many of our organisation costs for procurement of services, materials, delivering our maintenance and other things are increasing by more than 6.5%.
  • Taff needs to balance the impact of cost-of-living crisis upon our tenants and our customers against the need to deliver and maintain the level of service, that we can offer

Taff are here to support you!

We know that as a result, this will be difficult for some people. But we are here to help you.

  • If you are worried about the rent increase
  • Concerned about how you will be able to afford to pay your rent
  • Or even struggling to make ends meet
Please let us know

We have a range of support available for our tenants to access. The document should be apart of your Rent Increase Notification Letter. But is also available to download below.

Contacting Us

Taff really wants to help support tenants through these difficult times.

There are a range of ways you can contact us.

  • Report an issue via the MyTaff App or online portal
  • Via LiveChat on our webpage
0800 121 6064

Taff Cost of Living Support

Support Available
We have a range of support available for our tenants to access. This document should be available in your rent increase notification letter