Update From Executive Leadership
As the year comes to a close. Taff would like to take a moment to talk about some of the key issues that have been affecting you as tenants and us here at Taff.

December 2022

Greetings from Our Director of People & Places- Joshua Dowdall

Josh is responsible for the quality of services that you receive as a Taff Housing Tenant and has been at Taff for just over 13 years- Many of you may already know him. But for those who don’t …. meet Josh!

Meet Josh

Josh joined Taff as a Housing Officer in 2009 and has over 16 years’ experience working in Social Housing.

He has worked in various different fields, including Housing Advice, Asylum Support and Housing Management.

He is passionate about the difference good quality homes and support can make to people’s lives and is focussed on ensuring we deliver quality services.

In his spare time, he loves to get on his bike and if he wasn’t working in housing he would have undoubtedly been a professional football player.

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Update from our Executive Director of People & Places- Joshua Dowdall.
Covering key topics of damp, mould & condensation, our services, tenant engagement & customer services

1. Damp Mould and Condensation

  • The tragic news of Awaab Ishak’s death, caused by exposure to mould in his home, has shaken all of us. Our deepest sympathies are with Awaab’s family.
  • Taff is committed tackling this and ensuring that none of our tenants have this type of issue in there home.
  • A few weeks ago, Taff sent out a text message to tenants that if they were suffering from this issue or if  they were worried about damp or mould in their home. To please Contact Us
  • Taff are putting a plan in place to help support tenants to resolve these issues/problems
  • If we have come out to support and treat these issues and they keep coming back, please let us know

2. Our Services

  • What you receive from Taff. This can range from maintenance to our housing services and much more!
  • Taff wants to be transparent with our service users about the level of services you can expect from us
  • Our Customer Service Standards talks about everything you can expect from the level of service
  • Our aim to deliver great services, however we are not perfect and sometimes this doesn’t always happen
  • To help resolve this, we want to make it really easy for tenants to tell us when the services you can reasonable expect from us, have not been delivered
  • We want to make it really easy for tenants to tell us when the services you can reasonably expect from us have not been delivered.
  • Our Complaints Service Standards shows you how to make a complaint in a simple way.
  • This feedback is really important to Taff, as it help us improve our services.

3. Tenant Engagement

  • Tenant involvement is welcomed at Taff
  • Opportunities in our Have Your Say Group and Our tenant Scrutiny Panel will be back up and running
  • Taff are really keen to get tenants involved in the decision making process at Taff.
  • If you are interested in getting involved or would like to know more about what opportunities are available. Please visit Get Involved

4.Customer Services

  • Taff receives a large amount of phone calls, More than 12,000 a year!
  • When you call, sometimes you may be in a waiting queue. With our average call wait time at 1 minute- sometimes this may take longer
  • We have a range of digital options for you to contact us:
  • Our MyTaff App, via the app store and android
  • LiveChat Function on website via your phone or computer